Motor Vehicle Services

From registration renewals to plate transfers,we provide the expert vehicle registration services you need.

Stay on the road

Registering your car is an important step to make sure you stay on the road and avoid being pulled over.

Renewal: Keep your registration up to date

Don't get pulled over! Renew your registration with HasPlates for a quick and pain-free process.

Registration card: Stay legal with a duplicate card

If you lost your registration card, or it looks worn out, you can request for a duplicate card from HasPlates. We'll get the card to you fast so you can be back on the road in no time.

Registration plate: Avoid tickets with a duplicate plate

If you're planning to sell your vehicle and need to remove the registration plate, or if it has been lost, damaged, or stolen, order a replacement plate from HasPlates.

Title: Avoid traffic tickets with a duplicate title

If your title has been lost or destroyed, order a duplicate title from HasPlates so that you can legally drive without any worry of getting pulled over.

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